Slit roll baking system

Compact slit roll baking system with integrated
drum moulder MULTIMATIC
  • Rolls in perfect craftsmanship quality
  • Compact design – space-saving
  • Variable capacity for optimum proofing and resting times

Rolls in perfect craftsmanship quality

  • 4-row system with 600 mm working width
  • Integrated drum moulder with rotary valve
  • Manual pressure adjustment
  • Weight adjustment with motor
  • Adjustable moulding belt
  • Interchangeable moulding drum (1 chamber drum of your choice)
  • 1 Pressure board downstream of the roller (of your choice)
  • Pre-proofing time 12 min., 6 min. before the long rolling station + 6 min. between long roller and cutting station
  • Ribbon drying
  • Maintenance-free ribbon chain with automatic tensioning
  • Variable depositing unit for proofing boards 400 x 600 / 580 x 780 / 580 x 980
  • Proofing board fixture as a drawer
  • Intensive degermination station
  • Operator side left
  • Siemens S7 touch screen control

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

  1. Baking quality:
    • Integrated drum moulder with proven dividing principle of the MULTIMATIC C
    • Product diversity thanks to adjustable cutting station and interchangeable pressure boards
    • Variable capacity for optimum proofing and resting times
  2. Optimum hygiene concept:
    • Stainless steel design
    • Intense degermination
    • Ribbons removable for cleaning
  3. Easy operation:
    • Compact design – space-saving
    • Use of commercially available proofing boards thanks to the variable depositing unit
    • Touch screen control

Hourly capacity

max. 3,750 pieces / h

Weight range

30 to 85 g
(depending on the number of rows and forming of the product)

Dimensions L x W x H

3,000 x 1,250 x 2,550 mm
3,000 x 1,400 x 2,550 mm with discharge belt at the side
(cladding parts may protrude beyond the basic dimensions by 100 mm)

Minimum ceiling height

2,600 mm

Pre-proofing time

12 min.
6 min. before the long rolling station and
6 min. between long roller and cutting station

Pull-off length

400 x 600 mm
580 x 780 mm
580 x 980 mm

(further technical information to be found
in datasheet and brochure)


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  • Air conditioning
  • Discharge belt at the side
  • Exhaust air venilator for correction of the proofing cabinet climate with continuous operation
  • Pressing station instead of cutting station
  • Shelf for 2 pressure boards
  • Depositing unit with end position change
  • Proofing board fixture as plank push-in shelf
  • Double-intensity degermination
  • Increased system height by 50 or 100 mm
  • Laterally movable system variant
  • Collision protection on operator side
  • Further chamber drums for variable weight ranges
  • 5-row divider
  • Final proofing cabinet
  • Various pressure boards for the production of slit rolls
  • Bread sticks and baguette rolls, cylindrical products, smooth round rolls, hot dog, etc.

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Most diverse product range in best baking quality

Slit rolls

Double roll

Roundmoulded rolls

Longmoulded rolls

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