WP Bakery Technologies is one of the world's technological leaders in the bakery equipment sector. With its high potential for innovation in bakery technology, it constantly sets new standards. The company is part of the WP BAKERY GROUP, a group of independently operating companies that develop, produce and supply machinery, systems and services for the production of baked goods.

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Industrial clerk

Industrial clerks deal with commercial tasks in many different areas of the business – in materials planning, human resources, finance and accounting, marketing and sales. Typical tasks for industrial clerks include processing customer order documents, checking delivery papers, receiving incoming goods and stock admission, production monitoring and much more. Industrial clerks primarily work in administration department offices and use normal office communication tools such as computers, faxes and phones.

Basic requirements: Secondary education, high school graduation
Length of training: 3 years

Construction engineer

Construction engineers build large metalwork structures. They work according to specified plans using a wide variety of construction skills such as laser-welding, cutting, sawing, bending, scoring, drilling and welding. In some cases, individual components are only assembled on site at customer's premises. Qualities that are useful for this career include manual skills, good spatial awareness and physical fitness.

Basic requirements: Qualifying lower secondary education
Length of training:
3.5 years

Mechatronics technician

The role of mechatronics technician is a combination of the jobs of mechanic and electrician. Mechatronics technicians build machines and assemble mechanical, electrical and electronic components to compose mechatronic systems. They also install the necessary software for controlling the machines and maintain the systems.

Basic requirements: Secondary education
Length of training:
3.5 years

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