WP Roll for maximum performance

The EVOLUTION bread roll system and the high-performance dough divider SOFT STAR CT are especially designed for the application in multi-shift operation in industrial bakeries. The heart of industrial bread roll production will be presented in the WP ROLL section of the WP trade fair stand.

  • The maximum hourly output of the EVOLUTION is 36,000 pieces. This means that the overall performance is 20 % higher than that of the predecessor model. The advantage for you: increased productivity, faster return on investment as well as less staff and floor space required in relation to the hourly output.

  • The EVOLUTION is equipped with swing doors, the SOFT STAR CT has an exceptionally large access flap. In addition, all dough-handling parts inside the machine can be swiveled or removed and the dough processing is separated from the drive section. The advantage for you: Increased hygiene, because cleaning is easy thanks to the ergonomic design.

  • The SOFT STAR CT handles dough pieces particularly gently with a 99 % weight accuracy, and the EVOLUTION processes even soft, demanding dough with maximum precision. The advantage for you: best-quality, weight-accurate end products.

WP Roll