Instore baking and rack oven

The perfect baking oven for large, high-turnover stores and pre-checkout areas
  • Space-saving & flexible
  • No flue required
  • Proven ROTOTHERM quality

Four options that make your ROTOTHERM® GREEN 860 just as unique as your product range!

WP announces a new addition to the family: The well-established and universally appreciated ROTOTHERM rack oven family is being expanded downwards with a model for 60/40 trays. The ROTOTHERM RE 860 Shop has been designed as the ideal baking oven for large, high-turnover stores and pre-checkout areas in shopping centers. For ease of handling, the trolley for this oven will be only approx. 1.60 m high, and will hold 18 baking trays with a clearance between trays of 85 mm. The ROTOTHERM RE 860 Shop will be only available in an electrically heated version.

WP NAVIGO 3 - The simple oven operation

You benefit from this every day. With the innovative WP NAVIGO 3 control system, you have all functions under control. It offers maximum ergonomics, work efficiency and economical operation.

  • Display with glass touch surface
  • Simple, logical programming
  • Up to 250 recipes can be stored
  • Stores every baking process without gaps
  • Identical operating system for all oven models
  • WP ISOTHERMIC BAKING - The automatic quantity control of baking
  • WP INTELLIGENT ENERGY CONTROL (IEC) - Minimising energy loss during baking pauses through standby function with controlled temperature reduction
  • WP BAKERY CONTROL - The central software for the bakery



    Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

    1. Performance:
      • Proven ROTOTHERM baking quality
      • Excellent vapor for highest demands
      • Optimised airflow for best-quality bakery items
      • Excellent baking performance, low consumption
      • Electrically heated rack oven
    2. Great flexibility:
      • Storage of up to 250 recipes
      • No flue necessary
      • Space-saving with a small floor space
      • Remote diagnosis via Internet
      • Screen operation via Internet
      • Networking of individual ovens
      • Master Slave
    4. WP NAVIGO 3:
      • Simple and intuitive operation

    Tray sizes:

    400 x 600 mm, 600 x 600 mm und 530 x 650 mm




    4.3 m² for tray size 400 x 600 mm
    6.5 m² for tray size 600 x 600 mm
    6.2 m² for tray size 530 x 650 mm

    Trolley height:

    approx. 1.60 m


    18 pieces

    Dimensions (W x D x H):

    1.400 x 2.000 x 2.460 mm with hood
    1.400 x 1.500 x 2.460 mm without hood / with cover

    Additional switch cabinet (W x D x H):

    can be attached to the rear, right or left
    600 x 380 x 600 mm

    Required minimum ceiling height:

    2.900 mm

    (Further technical information
    can be found in the data sheet or brochure)

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    Data sheet


    The most diverse product range in best baking quality

    The unique properties of the ROTOTHERM® GREEN guarantee best baking results. A large variety from your range of bakery items can be produced, for example:

    Ciabatta rolls

    Kaiser rolls

    Square rolls

    Raisin rolls




    Apple pie pocket

    55: wpl (neutraler Header)

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