Wood-Burning Oven PELLADOR

Directly fired wood-burning baking oven

PELLADOR® is a deck oven fired with wood pellets that has an open flame burning directly into the baking chamber, like in the historic wood-fired oven. It gives the baked goods the typical wood oven flavor.

CO2 neutral wood pellets are used to fire the PELLADOR®. It features an integrated vaporisation and convinces with its favourable energy balance. Its taste developing characteristics enable the production of bakery items with a natural scrumptious flavor. The PELLADOR® can be operated manually or combined with the WP loading systems.

Competitive advantage

  • Use of environmentally friendly, renewable energy resources builds customer confidence
  • Bread baked in wood-fired ovens is the trend and allows for greater added value in the market
  • Best baking results in proven MATADOR quality
  • New products and environmental awareness attract new customers into the store
  • Flavorful bread from wood-fired oven
  • No bitter substances from the soot in the bread/pastries
  • Optimum volume, tender flaky crust, juicy crumb and improved freshness
  • Reproducible best quality baking results thanks to WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROL

Technical advantages

  • Smaller footprint compared to ovens set in brick
  • Oven depth 2,000/2,400 mm (standard oven dimensions identical to MATADOR® MD), others on request
  • Short installation times on site
  • Manual loading or in combination with WP loading systems
  • Short intervals between loading procedures
  • Low energy consumption
  • Vapor device for every oven
  • Standard oven baking area 4.8 to 13 m²
  • Compliance to all energy emission levels

  • Number of ovens 2 – 3
  • Oven width 1.2 – 1.8 m
  • Oven depth 2.0 – 2.4 m
  • Baking area 4.8 – 12.96 m2


  • Bread baked in wood-fired oven


  • Baking area from 4.8 - 12.96 m²

What used to be absolutely normal in the past is a special feature today – BREADS FROM THE WOOD-FIRED OVEN. Their taste is incomparable and many customers are simply thrilled.

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