MATADOR STORE Colour Edition

Instore Baking Oven MATADOR STORE Colour Edition

Your store, your colors: Stand out from the crowd and achieve a distinctive look with the enameled surfaces of the MATADOR STORE series.

Baking without compromise with an individual design with high-end standards in every area!

The MATADOR STORE with its legendary baking results is now also setting high-end standards in individual surface finishing, in pioneering usability during ongoing operation, and the easy and time-saving cleaning of its components. These are all convincing features that make the MATADOR STORE the ideal solution for your business!

Enameled surface in your individual preferred color

  • Whether in stylish ruby red or in your traditional company colors, besides the standard stainless steel version, the MATADOR STORE can be optionally finished with an enameled surface in all RAL colors according to your individual wishes
  • High resistance to scratches
  • Long service life thanks to tried and tested surface finishing
  • Maximum value retention

  • CleanTec – Machines with hygienic design
  • GreenEnergy – minimal Energy, maximal Efficiency
  • Smart Control – easy and standardized operation for WP machines
  • BakingQuality – Baking with unique quality

Möglichkeit der Anbindung an SHOP IQ

Die digitale Revolution für Ihre Filiale.

Möglichkeit der Anbindung an BakeIT CloudTM

Die Cloud für die Prozessübersicht und Prozessplanung.

WP GreenEnergy

  • The optional surface enameling helps to appeal to the emotions of customers, which leads to an increase in sales at your store. At the same time, it increases durability and value retention.
  • Each oven has a separate display, ensuring extremely easy operation and a quick overview.
  • Thanks to their independent design, you remain flexible in terms of the placement of the ovens and can bake different products simultaneously.
  • The improved insulation of individual ovens significantly reduces energy consumption.
  • All oven glass panes have an energy-saving coating and can be removed without tools for cleaning.

WP CleanTec

  • Hygienic proofing cabinet for perfect use and extremely easy cleaning without obtrusive components
  • Proofing chamber made of a hygienic plastic insert with round edges and an absolutely smooth, perfectly cleanable GEL coat surface
  • Activated LED proofing cabinet illumination during operation (inactive when the device is switched off)
  • Electrical components are easily accessible from the rear and replaceable
  • Double-glazed door prevents the build-up of condensation for optimal visibility
  • Space-saving double-hinged doors
  • Baking tray supports and inner parts of the hygiene proofing cabinet are easily removable without tools for easy cleaning

WP SmartControl

  • WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROLfor easy operation
  • New display:
    - Touch screen operation
    - Glass surface
    - WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROL control system for all tried and tested functions and options
  • A separate display for each oven:
    - Extremely easy operation and improved overview thanks to the separate display for each oven
    - In the event of a faulty display, the full operability of the other ovens is ensured
    - Improved ergonomics


  • Oven heights: 125 mm, 165 mm and 220 mm (freely combinable within an oven deck)
  • Oven sizes: 60 cm x 40 cm, 60 cm x 80 cm, 80 cm x 60 cm, 120 cm x 60 cm, 120 cm x 80 cm (W x D)

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