TORERO STORE Colour Edition

Instore Baking Oven TORERO STORE Colour Edition

Perfect baking under full control

The TORERO STORE+ instore baking oven, which can also be used for cooking, is an excellent combination of exceptional ergonomics and impressive design. Besides the standard version in stainless steel, the TORERO STORE+ is also optionally available in all RAL colors, tailored to the design and colors of your store. Perfect baking and cooking results, for example for the lunchtime offerings at your store, are guaranteed thanks to a rich vapor and rapid de-steaming. In addition to the integration of clever cooking functions to control turnover during lunchtime business, the focus is also on safety and hygiene.

In combination with the MATADOR STORE electric deck oven, all requirements for baking in convection or deck ovens are fulfilled to ensure top artisan product quality.

Finished surfaces in your individual preferred color

Whether in stylish ruby red or in your traditional company colors, besides the standard stainless steel version, the TORERO STORE+ can be optionally finished as a Colour Edition with a powder-coated surface in all RAL colors according to your individual wishes.

Touch screen control for simple and intuitive operation

  • Glass surface
  • User interface can be fully customized according to your wishes
  • Seamless panel – hygienic, with no susceptible buttons or knobs
  • Active cleaning – automatic cleaning with minimal water consumption for perfect hygiene and a reduced workload
  • 1000 individual programs for optimum baking and cooking results
  • Store your own recommendations or instructions for your programs
  • Last 10 – automatic listing of the last 10 processes
  • Search function – find desired programs quickly
  • Automatic program start – start programs with a time delay
  • EcoLogic – energy consumption displayed after every baking or cooking process
  • Integrated HACCP documentation – recording of all relevant data, temperatures and settings
  • Fully automatic recording of all device and operating data
  • SDS (Service and Diagnostic System) – automatic error detection and recording of error messages
  • Service and diagnostic menu and status display

Automatic programs

  • Automatic night start-up
  • Overnight cooking – saves time and money
  • Rich vapor, optimal product volume
  • Fast vapor removal for crisp, tender flaky crust
  • Rapid heating for batch-on-batch baking
  • Absolute consistency
  • Best baking results when baking dough pieces, semi-baked dough pieces and deep-frozen baked goods
  • Time insertion – individual cooking times for mixed loads
  • Regenerating – gentle regenerating for asynchronous production
  • Low-temperature cooking – less loss, more taste
  • Delta-T cooking – extra gentle low-temperature cooking minimizes cooking loss
  • Cook & Hold – automatically keeps meals at serving temperature after cooking
  • Golden Touch – adds a crisp, golden last finishing touch to every product
  • Sous-vide cooking, drying, sterilizing, confiting, curing** – programs for special modern cooking methods



  • USB connection for data transfer using a flash drive
  • Ethernet /LAN – access to the unit from a PC, tablet or smartphone, data exchangeand remote control
  • Computer software to manage HACCP data and edit program files



  • Immediate, full steam saturation, including from a cold state
  • Triple door glazing – minimizes energy loss and ensures a cool outer pane
  • Auto reverse fan – for uniform baking and cooking results
  • 6-point core temperature sensor – 6 measuring points to reliably control the temperature inside cooked products
  • Vapor vent – patented, highly efficient baking chamber de-steaming system
  • 7 fan speeds – controlled air circulation, even for delicate products
  • Immediate fan stop – fan stops immediately when the door is opened, minimal heat loss and high occupational safety
  • Standard stainless steel version, optional powder coating is possible in all RAL colors
  • Hygienic cooking cabinet – passivated 7 times, with rounded edges for perfect hygiene
  • Easily removable racks
  • Service access from the front
  • Door seal inserted – easy to exchange


  • Abbacken von Brötchen und halbgebackenen Brötchen
  • Snackbereich / Warme Theke (z.B. Leberkäse, Gemüse garen, ect.)


  • 4 - 10 trays
  • 60 - 120 rolls/pretzel pcs.
  • 0,96 - 2,4 m2 back surface

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