Dough Dividing and Roundmoulding Machine TEWIMAT

Accurate dividing. Gentle on the dough. Industrial quantity in best craftsmanship quality.

  • CleanTec – Machines with hygienic design
  • Smart Control – easy and standardized operation for WP machines
  • BakingQuality – Baking with unique quality


  • CleanTec spreading belt – option
  • Divided cleaning brush – option
  • Removable belt driving roller – option
  • Oil-free dividing process
  • All dough-handling parts can be removed largely without tools
  • All dough-handling parts are consistently separated from the drive mechanism
  • Stainless steel paneling
  • Easy operation
  • Gentle dough dividing thanks to suction dividing technology and variable pressure adjustment
  • Product diversity thanks to innovative double piston system
  • Maximum dividing precision thanks de-gassing system
  • Utmost flexibility thanks to
    - flexible number of rows
    - flexible weight setting
    - flexible weight range
    - flexible capacity adjustment
  • Hydraulically adjustable dividing system
  • Reduced production costs thanks to oil-free dividing process


  • Touch screen control
  • Measuring unit
  • 1 chamber drum
  • 900 mm spreading belt
  • Movable flour duster
  • Pneumatic moulding belt tensioner


  • Double piston for increased weight variability
  • Spreading belts in different lengths
  • Larger dough hopper
  • Blower for particularly cold and/or soft dough
  • Additional oiling for soft and sticky dough
  • Divided cleaning brush
  • Removable belt driving roller – option
  • Discharge roller with separate motor
  • Spreading belt drive with separate motor
  • Central lubrication


  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed rye dough
  • Doughnut dough
  • Fruited dough
  • Graham dough


  • 28 – 300 g
  • max. 3,000 pcs/h

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