It’s so easy to launch yourself successfully in future-oriented baking

In addition to increased process reliability, the Virtual Baker® in conjunction with the BakelT Cloud offers comprehensive control and recording functions, for instance to document your baking processes adequately or to control a Freshness Monitor automatically – which are all steps leading to a smart, virtual future.

  • Image documentation and monitoring of the baking process using a sensor (or several sensors, as an option) in the baking chamber.
  • Documentation and monitoring of:
    - loaded products
    - baking process
    - baking results
  • Documentation of the condition of the baking chamber (soiling, hygiene)
  • Evaluation of processes surrounding the oven, for example reaction times upon completion of a baking program, capacity of the ovens etc.


  • Increased process reliability
  • Improved quality due to core temperature data
  • Automated documentation of processes in the oven
  • Simplified compliance with hygiene regulations, for example HACCP hygiene indicators
  • Simplified product traceability as a result of image documentation
  • Instruction times for new staff are shortened


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