Our customer focus is what drives our efforts to always produce customer-specific solutions

Such individualization does not dispense with the inclusion of standardized machines or system modules. But its central principle is a focus on not only the technical and technological but also the economic and structural considerations and the requirements of the customer and the site.

An integral component of the close customer relationship we seek to develop and maintain is providing a service tailored to the individual needs of every single client and supporting our customers through training courses, test production facilities and product development.

As market leaders, we feel we have an obligation to always incorporate the latest advances in technical and technological research in our ovens, machines and systems as a matter of course.
Objective for our own research and development department and for work that we contract out to higher education institutions and universities is to increase and guarantee the quality of baked goods, to humanize work in baked goods production, to take account of medium and long-term changes in the baked foods market and the sparing use of economic and ecological resources.

Our internal structure as a system supplier covering the full spectrum of bakery technology is subdivided into competence centers. That organizational structure allows us, firstly, to provide an extremely high level of specialist expertise, and secondly, prevents interface problems.

Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH sees itself as a system provider of bakery technology that is equally committed to close customer relations and to constant innovation.


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