Baking technology for bakeries

We work for bakeries with artisanal production – and have been doing so for a long time now. Our innovative technologies are incorporated in process solutions and machines.

Baking technology

For the perfect overall process

Dough dividers & round-moulding machines for small bakery items

Automatic dividing and round-moulding at the highest level: stress-free and with maximum weight accuracy.

Dividing & moulding

Perfect moulding results – day after day

Bread roll systems

Flexible systems for variety and economic efficiency in the production of small bakery items.

Bread roll systems

Variety & economic efficiency

Ovens for bakeries

Whether deck ovens, rack ovens or wood-fired ovens – Production ovens from Werner & Pfleiderer have been an investment in the future for generations due to their guaranteed long service life and energy efficiency.


Robust & powerful

Baking technology


WP Energy

WP ENERGY: Possibilities for energy saving and to secure the energy supply

Constantly using energy sparingly is one of the most important starting points for running a production plant profitably. In the production process of a bakery, there are three main approaches to achieving a secure energy supply: own energy production, own electricity generation, the choice of energy sources.


WP BakeryControl: Centralized data control in bakeries

WP BakeryControl is the repository and controller of all your baking data. The app allows storage, display and export of oven, recipe and production data. Installation via plug&play is child’s play, and the software can run on your mobile devices at any time.




Innovatives Vakuum-Verfahren eröffnet ganz neue Dimensionen

VACUSPEED lautet die Zauberformel zur Optimierung von Backprozessen. Mit dem patentierten WP Vakuum-Verfahren kühlen Backwaren gegenüber anderen Methoden deutlich schneller ab, optimieren dadurch den gesamten Arbeitsprozess und antworten gleichzeitig auf das aktuelle Thema „Personalmangel“. Nachtarbeit kann auf den Tag verlagert werden, Sie erhalten perfekte Backwaren in bester Qualität, und Ihre Mitarbeiter sind zufrieden.


Our ROTOTHERM GREEN rack oven goes Shop

The ROTOTHERM family is complete: The ROTOTHERM GREEN 860 will premiere at the südback 2022. It has been designed as the ideal baking oven for large, high-turnover stores and pre-checkout areas in shopping centers.


Real wood-fired bread from the PELLADOR

Improved properties of our PELLADOR wood-fired oven

Just like historical wood-fired ovens, our wood-fired ovens have an open flame that burns directly into the baking chamber, providing the baked goods with the typical wood-fired oven aroma. Heated with renewable energy and also carbon-neutral. The basic principle of a wood-fired oven is always to store the energy necessary for baking in the baking chamber mass (lining with thick firebricks), since it is not possible to supply energy during baking. In order to use the energy stored for the baking process as completely as possible, all other energy losses, such as radiation losses, must be minimized. Therefore, our wood-fired ovens are insulated to the maximum, ranging from the thick-walled door to the side walls and back wall.


Optimization of heat transfer in the WP ROTOTHERM Green rack oven

The purpose of an oven is to transfer heat energy to the baked goods. This involves the use of three types of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection. The following advantages result from the significant improvement in the air flow properties.

Optimization of heat transfer


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