The digital production management WP BAKERY CONTROL enables our customers to plan their productions consistently, to have an efficient production process, to maintain a constant level of quality, to save energy and to the implementation of a permanent improvement process.


Manage production digitally

Baking technology for bakeries

We work for bakeries with artisanal production – and have been doing so for a long time now. Our innovative technologies are incorporated in process solutions and machines.

Baking technology

For the perfect overall process

Dough dividers & round-moulding machines for small bakery items

Automatic dividing and round-moulding at the highest level: stress-free and with maximum weight accuracy.

Dividing & moulding

Perfect moulding results – day after day

Bread roll systems

Flexible systems for variety and economic efficiency in the production of small bakery items.

Bread roll systems

Variety & economic efficiency

Ovens for bakeries

Whether deck ovens, rack ovens or wood-fired ovens – Production ovens from Werner & Pfleiderer have been an investment in the future for generations due to their guaranteed long service life and energy efficiency.


Robust & powerful

Baking technology


Product news

The time has come: Our legendary cyclotherm principle is now also possible with the wood-burning oven PELLADOR

Increased efficiency through central burner: WP now also uses the “Zyklotherm®” principle known from the successful MATADOR deck ovens in the PELLADOR. This increases efficiency and productivity significantly when baking with wood.

Would you like to produce Wachauer rolls? New at SELECTA MODULAR.

The SELECTA MODULAR roll system is now optionally available or expandable with a Wachau station. The Wachauer station works the flour particularly gently into the dough pieces. This creates the rough surface typical of Wachauer rolls - as beautiful as if they were handmade!

WP refrigeration technology for bakeries

In order to live up to our “think process” claim, refrigeration technology is back in the program. A wide range of temperature control solutions that ensure optimal and needs-based dough management, production planning, quality assurance and logistics for bakery businesses. WP refrigeration technology in cooperation with KAKO refrigeration concept.

Two rack trolleys next to each other in one oven, is that possible?

The ROTOTHERM Green HEAVY DUTY connects the baking surface of two small rack ovens and thus provides space for two adequate rack trolleys. The rack oven is suitable for all international sizes of rack trolleys.


Dividing & moulding

More Flexibility with TEWIMAT

Automatic loading

STEWARD: Automation for smaller businesses


Higher efficiency with the wood-fired PELLADOR

Optimization of baking processes

Vacuum cooling: Innovative vacuum process opens up completely new dimensions

VACUSPEED is the magic formula for optimizing baking processes. With the patented WP vacuum process, baked goods cool down much faster than with other processes, which optimizes the entire work process and at the same time takes into account the current issue of "lack of staff". Night work can be shifted to the day, you get perfect baked goods of the best quality and your employees are happy.


WP BakeryControl: Centralized data control in bakeries

WP BakeryControl is the repository and controller of all your baking data. The app allows storage, display and export of oven, recipe and production data. Installation via plug&play is child’s play, and the software can run on your mobile devices at any time.



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