Machines, systems, equipment and baking technology for bakeries with artisan production

We work for bakeries – and have been doing so for a long time now. Our innovative technologies are incorporated in process solutions, machines for dough dividing and moulding, baking systems for small bakery items, instore baking ovens and production ovens for baking bread and small bakery items, systems for automated loading, loading and for vacuum conditioning.


Instore baking with the right atmosphere and high-quality oven technology

Instore baking ovens equipped with traditional oven technology and state-of-the-art features: a genuine experience in the store and an indication of the highest standards of baking quality.

Instore baking ovens

Crispness and stability of the baked goods thanks to vacuum cooling

Baked goods hot from the oven are cooled down in a vacuum in just a few minutes. For immediate further processing, for longer freshness, shelf life, and incomparable crispness and stability

Vacuum cooling

Bakery machines, components, systems and equipment for bakeries

Dough dividers, moulding machines, baking systems for small bakery items, production ovens, vacuum conditioning and instore baking ovens for the modern bakehouse and production of bakery items.



Test baking in the WP Baking Center South

We cordially invite you! Here you can also test our machines, systems and baking ovens using your original raw materials and individual recipes. Our expert master bakers will be happy to help in case you have any questions.

WP Baking center south

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Live demonstrations

We demonstrate the functions of our bakery machines live from the Baking Center in Dinkelsbühl.

Live demonstrations