Convenient roll systems for
the production of artisan rolls and
other small bakery items in production
volumes of 9,000 pieces/hour

  • Consistently high product quality
  • Flexible product diversity
  • Just like hand-rolled

Artisan roll production

Best artisan quality is what makes the roll from the bakery so valuable

Customers greatly value a nicely formed and moulded roll. The artisan shape of small bakery items conveys quality and value. However, bakehouses depend on the right tools to keep this process economically efficient for bakeries. Compact roll systems take over the monotonous part of broll production: forming, moulding, round-moulding, long-molding and stamping – reliable and in the smallest possible space.

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Wachau rolls

Wachau rolls are rustic rose rolls made up with flour instead of the usual fat. A Wachau station works flour into the dough pieces particularly gently and carefully. This creates the rough surface typical of Wachau rolls – just like hand-rolled. Thanks to a servo motor that drives the remoulding station, the moulding process can take place very slowly, so that the dough structure is preserved, and rolls with beautifully pronounced crust break and appealing volume are produced.

Stamped rolls

A revolver stamping head, equipped with standardized, partly interchangeable stamping tools, allows maximum flexibility for stamped products. In addition to standard stamps, such as Kaiser, rhombus, heart-shaped or Kringel, a revolver stamping head can optionally be equipped with a wide range of individual stamps. This allows for the production of truly unique items, such as rolls with the bakery’s initials. The creative choice of motives knows no boundaries.


Green mode, e.g. for the production of Berliner dough pieces, is possible with direct depositing. This way, the dough pieces are transferred directly onto a depositing conveyor, thus saving time and bypassing the pre-proofing stage. Spreading belts are simply lowered by hand, so that the dough pieces run from the spreading belt onto a depositing conveyor, from where they are deposited onto boards, trays or Berliner boards in a depositing pattern stored in the program memory.



Creativity in the smallest space: roll systems and dough formers for artisan bakers

Roll systems for gentle machine forming and optimal automatic dough moulding. For individual small bakery items with maximum quality from artisan production: Dough pieces with perfectly preserved structure and strong gluten network through intensive moulding and singularly good shape.

Sliced bread line FORMPROFI

Form baking system FORMPROFI

compact, max 4,000 pcs/h
weight range: 25 – 90 g
stamped, round


Roll baking system MINIROLL

compact, max 7,500 pcs/h
weight range: 35 – 150 g
long, round


Roll line

modular, max 9,000 pcs/h
weight range: 35 – 150 g
stamped, cut, long, round

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max. 12,000 pcs./hour
Weight range: 25 – 250 g
round moulded, stamped, long-rolled, flattened, braided, wrapped, seeded


Automated loading and
unloading of boards and trays

The ROBOMATIC loading robot takes over the handling of boards
and trays upstream of baking systems for small bakery item lines and rolls


Process solutions for small bakery items in perfect craftsmanship quality

We are WP Bakery Technologies. We have been producing technical solutions for bakers for over 140 years. We design and build, install and service baking ovens as well as machines and process solutions for bakeries. Within the WP BAKERYGROUP we are the experts for dough dividers, moulding machines and roll systems with production volumes for artisan bakeries of up to 9,000 pieces per hour.

Dough dividing & moulding

A gentle dough dividing and moulding process is crucial for the high quality of end products. The task is to preserve the gluten network and the structure developed during moulding and dough resting time as completely as possible during automated further processing of the dough into perfectly shaped dough pieces.

Dividers & moulding machines


Compact roll system for a wide variety of products

The demands on machines and systems are ever increasing, but not automatically so the space available in bakeries’ bakehouses or production halls. We offer various options for configuring your system exactly to your needs, so that you can make optimum use of the space in your bakehouse. Split version delivery is also possible as an option for some systems.




Modular roll lines for growing performance requirements

Responding to changing market requirements at any time, always keeping your product range attractive, and producing individual baked goods. Select the performance you need today. If your production increases, the system can be easily expanded in the future. The modular design: maximum flexibility for every need with a production volume of up to 9,000 pieces/hour



Hygienic safety

Degermination stations, stainless steel design, dough-handling parts removable for cleaning. Discover our hygiene concepts for roll systems.

Fully automatic control

Easy to operate, production-reliable and available at all times – everything you ask of a fully automatic control system. The SIEMENS S 7 control perfectly meets these requirements for all our roll systems.


Double roll depositing

Automated production of double rolls or double buns. Up to 2,000 double rolls/hour.

Wachau moulding module

For the production of Wachau rolls. Up to 3,600 pieces/hour


Cutting module

Cutting with two knives,
cleaning of the retracting knife with a pair of brushes. For the production of up to 9,000 pieces/hour.


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