Rack oven

Energy-efficient baking without compromise. With a certified reduction in energy consumption by 28.7 % compared to the RE 1020 predecessor model.
  • Best-quality baking results
  • High energy efficiency
  • Optimum distribution of energy and vapor

Unique features guarantee energy-efficient baking without compromise

The ROTOTHERM® GREEN baking cabinet with rotating rack trolley leads the way. Profitable oven technology combines best-quality baking results with high energy efficiency. Excellent baking results with a certified reduction in energy consumption by 28.7 % compared to the RE 1020 predecessor model.

High efficiency heat exchanger Optimum heat flow  Steam generator WP Thermopackage WP NAVIGO 3 Hygiene 

Oven tuning with efficient heat exchanger

State-of-the-art engines with smaller cubic capacity thanks to new technologies deliver top performance – and consume even less fuel. WP engineers have very intelligently transferred this successful trend to the ROTOTHERM® Green.

A smaller burner with reduced connected load and combined with an innovative heat exchanger serves as the "motor" of the rack oven. Optimized technology that uses less fuel and yet achieves excellent baking results at the same time. This works for a very simple reason: the efficient heat exchanger now exploits energy that previously escaped unused through the chimney to the maximum.

Further advantages

  • Quality of bakery items:
    Crisp, tender flaky crust, juicy crumb thanks to optimum application of energy.
  • Service life:
    Durable thanks to special WP steel.
  • Saving effect:
    28.7 % less energy consumption, certified. *
  • Amortization:
    Lowest energy cost per piece.
  • Environment:
    Energy consumption reduced by 25 % and lower CO2 emissions are environmentally-friendly.*

* compared to the previous RE 1020 model from 2012


Optimized air flow for best quality baking items

The direction is right with the ROTOTHERM ® Green! The air is accurately directed onto the product over the entire jet wall. The result at every point of the baking trolley is constant baking quality. Moreover, the optimized air flow applies more energy on the dough pieces, shortens the baking time and makes your baking items particularly juicy.

    For you, this means:

    • Consistency and reproducible quality.
    • Optimum distribution of heat and steam.
    • Juicier baking items.
    • More output per hour.
    schematic of optimized air flow in rack oven Rototherm Green

    Excellent steam for highest demands

    ROTOTHERM® Green has an excellent vapor performance. Its steaming device really steams it up! Its rich steam creates juicy baked goods. Visually and in terms of flavor a delight your customers will love!

      For you, this means:

      • Particularly consistent steam for juicy baked items.
      • More volume thanks to rich steam.
      schematic view of vapor performance in rack oven Rototherm Green

      Groundbreaking insulation = excellent savings

      What do you do when you are cold? Of course, you wrap yourself up nice and warm from head to toe. That is just what we have done with the ROTOTHERM® Green. What hat and coat are for people, WP THERMO PACKAGE is for ovens – an entirely new insulation concept. The full-surface insulation, the separated floor, the lowerable ramp and the steam proof door seal secured all around keeps the precious heat and the steam inside the oven and minimizes heat loss. ROTOTHERM ® Green thus saves on energy you would have to pay dearly otherwise.


        For you, this means:

        • The floor only heats up to less than 100 °C. The strain on the floor in the bakehouse therefore is considerably less.
        • No condensation build-up on the floor means improved value retention of the oven.

        Further advantages

        • Full-surface high-tech insulation.
        • Lowerable ramp and door seal all around, thus reduced heat loss (steam proof).

        WP NAVIGO 3

        The automobiles of the future will navigate through traffic by themselves. For the ROTOTHERM® Green the future has already begun with WP NAVIGO 3. The software is so intelligent that you can sit back, relax and hand over the steering wheel – or in other words: the fully automatic control of the oven.

          WP NAVIGO 3 ...

          • is easy and intuitive to operate.
          • allows for individual adjustment of temperature, air recirculation speed and steam.
          • guarantees consistent high quality baking results.
          • optimizes burner operating times and thus reduces energy costs.
          • imports existing recipes from previously used baking programs.
          • grants access to authorized users only via password assignment.
          • with WP ISOTHERMIC BAKING, the partial loading automatic.
          • can be linked via WP BakeryControl (option).
          • supports the operating personnel with WP ASSISTANT. Easy-to-understand short videos explain cleaning, care and maintenance.

          A clean affair!

          Avoid dirt, detect dirt, remove dirt. Sounds good in theory. But how can you manage this in the labor-intensive daily bakery routine? Just perfectly – with the ROTOTHERM® Green! Because the oven is designed to be meticulously cleaned in next to no time.

          • Consistently dry floor thanks to innovative floor insulation.
          • Dirt zone restricted to area around the rotating table.
          • Smooth inner walls where dirt can hardly stick.

          The ROTOTHERM ® Green can be cleaned in next to no time. This saves you working hours every day that you can make much better use of than to clean.


          For you, this means:

          • Cleaning time reduced to a minimum.
          • High degree of practicability.
          • Maximum value retention.

          Long service life

          Well kept and maintained machines last longer. To make maintenance just as easy as the cleaning we have optimized a number of details on the ROTOTHERM ® Green. In summary, these kind of enhancements extend the service life of your valuable oven considerably.

          WP CleanTec

          Dirt should not accumulate in the first place. If it cannot be avoided, it must be easy to detect and to remove. This is the concept of WP CleanTec. It is foresighted designs, clever machine details and innovative materials that help implement it – for maximum hygiene!


          Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

          Aluminum or steel rims, automatic transmission or gear shift? You equip a new automobile with accessories according to your needs. This is what you should do with a new oven even more so. The ROTOTHERM ® Green offer a great deal of options. So you can adjust your oven individually to suit your needs and your assortment of products – for top products that delights your customers and that allows you to stand out from your competitors. The options are yours!

          1. Baking quality:
            • Crisp, tender flaky crust, juicy crumb thanks to optimum application of energy
            • Absolute uniformity and reproducible baking quality thanks to optimized air flow
            • Juiciest bakery items and extra volume thanks to rich vapor
            • Best baking quality also for demanding bakery items
          2. Performance:
            • Certified reduction in energy consumption by 28.7 % compared to the RE 1020 predecessor model
            • Excellent vapor for highest demands
            • Genuine batch-on-batch baking
            • Finely adjustable recirculated air volume perfectly adapted to the requirements of the respective end product
            • Guaranteed process reliability
          3. Easy operation:
            • WP NAVIGO 3 - easy and intuitive to operate
            • Networking via WP BakeryControl
            • Automatic baking also of partially loaded rack trolleys with WP ISOTHERMIC BAKING
            • Core temperature measurement with WP COREPROBE

          Baking area:

          10.0 to 13.8 m²




          ROTOTHERM® GREEN 1,020 for 600 x 800 mm sheets
          ROTOTHERM® GREEN 1,280 for 600 x 1,000 mm sheets

          (further tachnical information to be found in datasheet and brochure)

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          Data sheet








          The quality turbocharger for batch-on-batch baking

          Just as a turbocharger multiplies the sprint power of a sports car, does WP THERMOGATE power up the performance of the oven heating. This considerably shortens heating time! It allows you to produce more baked goods per hour with real batch-on-batch baking.
          The quality turbocharger renders the production process faster and improves quality at the same time. With WP THERMOGATE you are bound to produce premier class baked goods.


            FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLE – Position 1

            • WP THERMOGATE can be activated with a push of a button before changing the baking trolley. The burner continues to run in a controlled manner and heats up the air in the closed energy block

            FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLE – Position 2

            • The baking program is started after change of the trolley. The steam works in a quiet atmosphere with the WP THERMOGATE closed. The burner continues to run in the closed energy block.

            FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLE – Position 3

            • The WP THERMOGATE opens after steam injection. The continuously heated energy block without any delay immediately provides the required energy. Best baking results are therefore guaranteed.

            Quality Turbocharger

            Reduction of baking and loading times (e.g. for small baked goods)

            without WP THERMOGATE

              with WP THERMOGATE

              Your advantages:

              • Juiciest baked goods with beautiful crust break and more volume.
              • 10 % shorter baking time thanks to optimized application of energy.
              • Real batch-on-batch baking.
              • Increased baking capacity per hour.
              • Burner protection through by-pass, no overheating of the burner.

              WP VARIOPILOT
              For every baked good the correct amount of recirculated air

              You certainly drive slower in urban areas than on the freeway if you intend to arrive at your destination in an optimal manner. The WP VARIOPILOT is just as precautionary. It controls the amount of air in the baking chamber – perfectly adapted to the requirements of the respective end product.


                Larger amount of air for more powerful baking

                • Faster heating
                • Shorter baking time
                • More crispness
                • Better crust break
                • More volume

                Reduced amount of recirculated air for softer baking

                • Juicier baking items
                • Shiny surface

                WP BakingQuality

                • Sophisticated bakers expect machines and systems with which they are able to produce premium-quality baked goods. We call this technology WP BakingQuality.

                The automatic energy saver

                The start-stop system in the automobile turns the engine off independently when you are waiting at a red light. You can thus save on gas without even having to do anything. WP IEC works just as comfortably. During a baking break, the intelligent software reduces the oven traget temperature. via a stand-by function. This automatically reduces your energy costs. The automatic start function heats back up to the required target temperature in time before the next baking process. And you're ready to go – just like when the traffic lights jump to green.


                  Your advantages

                  • No wasted energy through by unnecessarily continued heating of the oven.
                  • Unique finished product thanks to start of the baking process at target temperature.
                  • Particularly effective for businesses with production-related baking breaks.

                  WP GreenEnergy

                  Lowest possible energy consumption – maximum efficiency: we develop innovative technical solutions that conserve valuable energy resources, that are less environmentally harmful and that reduce energy costs of bakeries with this requirement in mind


                  WP BakeryControl
                  Quality through transparency

                  The product quality benefits from WP BakeryControl: Better control of the baking sequence depending on the capacity utilisation, longer shelf life of the products, less waste and consistent quality thanks to stored recipes and automated machine control.

                  WP BakeryControl

                  Your benefits for more quality

                  • Efficient utilization of the ovens
                  • Reduction of idle time
                  • Optimization of baking sequence
                  • Noticeable gains in freshness
                  • User and rights administration
                  • Available on all devices with internet connection
                  • Personalized recipe management
                  • A 360° view of your baking processes
                  Scheme of WP BakeryControl networking

                  WP COREPROBE
                  Your successful entry point to a smart baking future

                  WP CoreProbe is the additional module for core temperature measurement in your WP ROTOTHERM® Green. You will be reliably supported in your daily routine and your products will always be perfectly baked. WP CoreProbe – increased process reliability and optimum documentation of your baking processes.


                    Just the right thing for everyone

                    We offer the WP CoreProbe core temperature sensor in three equipment variants:

                    • Display of the measuring results on the WP NAVIGO 3 control
                    • Display of the measuring results on the WP NAVIGO 3 control and evaluation on your local computer (local BakeIT cloud)
                    • Display of the measuring results on the WP NAVIGO 3 control and evaluation in the BakeIT cloud

                    Your advantages

                    • Even better baking results and a baking time reduced by up to 20 %
                    • Increased process reliability, especially with semi-baked products
                    • Continuously improved quality due to the use of core temperature data
                    • Greater capacity and reduced energy consumption thanks to shorter baking times
                    • Simplified compliance with hygiene regulations, for example HACCP hygiene indicators

                    The most diverse product range in best baking quality

                    The unique properties of the ROTOTHERM® GREEN guarantee best baking results. A large variety from your range of bakery items can be produced, for example:

                    Slit rolls

                    Square rolls

                    Raisin rolls

                    Artisan stamped rolls

                    Longmoulded rolls



                    Tin loafs


                    ROTOTHERM® Green rack oven

                    Baking with energy saving factor

                    ROTOTHERM® Green rack oven

                    Application in practice at RAISCH bakery


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