Vacuum cooling

The new vacuum process cools baked goods faster than all previously known methods. Oven-hot baked goods are cooled in just a few minutes. The cooled products are immediately available for further processing: Order picking/shipping, snack preparation, packaging or finishing.


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Vacuum cooling -
economic efficiency for baked goods

This is a new dimension to cooling oven-hot products: baked goods cool faster whilst making significant energy savings. The products have a longer-lasting crispness; they stay stable longer and can be cut immediately. The minimum shelf life of refrigerated goods is extended by up to three weeks. VACUSPEED® artisan vacuum cell is specially designed to work with rack trolleys. The fully automated feeding and automation system VACUSPEED® industry vacuum cell has a modular design with integrated vacuumcooling.

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VACUSPEED® artisan

VACUSPEED® artisan vacuum cells are specially designed to work with rack trolleys. After completion of the baking process in a ROTOTHERM® Green rack oven, for example, the rack trolley is manually pushed into the VACUSPEED® vacuum cell.

VACUSPEED® artisan

VACUSPEED® industry

The fully automated feeding and automation system has a modular design with integrated vacuumcooling. It is equipped with three optimally matched WP components and is suitable for a wide variety of system architectures.

VACUSPEED® industry


The 4 special features of the VACUSPEED® artisan

VACUSPEED® vacuum cells from WP Bakery Technologies are specially designed to work with rack trolleys. VACUSPEED® cells come with a swing or a sliding door to take in a rack trolley. VACUSPEED® artisan can be integrated manually or as WP VACUUM COOLING modular into fully automatic charging and automation systems of multi-deck and tunnel ovens.


We measure the internal pressure of the products and the pressure in the cell. The advantage of this is that the difference in pressure can be adjusted for each specific product. The measurement takes place via an insertion probe in the middle of the product and a pressure sensor in the chamber. The result is saved in the recipe programme and stored for repeat runs.



The patented cold air circulation system is switched on as soon as a pre-set negative pressure is reached in the cell. This is how the system produces soft, dimensionally stable baked goods.



Moisture can be added to the product at any time. Depending on the product, moisture is added at any stage of the process. This allows you to set the crispness of products individually.



After reaching the set minimum pressure, germ-free air is fed into the cell via clean-air filters until the normal ambient pressure is reached. Delivering cooled, germ-free products.


How does vacuum conditioning actually work?