Production ovens from Werner & Pfleiderer
have been an investment in the future for
generations due to their guaranteed long service
life and energy efficiency.

  • Highest baking quality
  • Energy efficient technology
  • Reliable & durable

Ovens for bakeries

A good oven is the heart and soul of the bakehouse

Every bakery is known and valued for the crumb, crispness and volume of their bakery items. Bakers are heavily dependent on a reliable production oven that never lets them down and produces identical quality day in, day out. Particularly consistent and repeatable baking results over decades provide the basis for building a loyal customer base, and are the essence of lasting business success.

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Excellent baking quality

Crisp, tender flaky crust, a nice volume, and a juicy crumb are what characterizes bakery products of superior quality. Excellent vapor performance of the oven is crucial in this context: consistent vapor creates juicy bakery products. Optimized air flow applies more energy on the dough pieces, shortens the baking time and makes your items particularly juicy. A particularly rich vapor increases the product’s volume, providing true delight both visually and in terms of flavor.

Economic efficiency through energy efficiency

The oven makes a crucial contribution to the success of a bakery, significantly determining the quality of the baked goods and the economic efficiency of your business. A smaller burner with reduced connected load and combined with an innovative heat exchanger, for example, is the “motor” of the ROTOTHERM® Green. Optimized technology that uses less fuel, and yet achieves excellent baking results at the same time.

The oven’s long service life

We have supplied the base for bakers for consistently high-quality bakery items for more than one hundred years. Thousands of professionals all over the world build their business on it. Due to the extremely long utilization period, the investment in a new MATADOR® is somewhat similar to an intergenerational contract. In the truest sense of the word. What the grandfather bought, even the grandson can continue to use in many instances. This is the pleasant and logical consequence of our intergenerational experience.



Deck ovens and automated production ovens
for maximum baking quality

Developed for bakers that stand out from the competition by the quality of their baked goods. WP Bakery Technologies deck ovens embody experience from over 140 years and technologies resulting from continuous research and development – Made in Germany. For the best crumb and crispness when baking bread rolls and bread.

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Multi-deck oven MATADOR

baking area: 8.0 – 19.0 m²
heated by: oil/gas/electric
loading: manually


Multi-deck oven MATADOR MDE 1-/2-fold

baking area: 4.0 – 14.4 m²
heated by: direct electrical
loading: manually


Multi-deck oven MATADOR MDE 3-fold

baking area: 11.5 – 17.28 m²
heated by: direct electrical
loading: manually


Multi-deck oven MATADOR MDV

baking area: 12 – 43.2 m²
heated by: oil/gas/electric
loading: automatable


Wood-fired deck oven PELLADOR

baking area: 4.8 – 21.6 m²
heated by: pellets
loading: automatable


Are there new technical options for faster heating of the individual ovens?

Faster heating of the ovens always means either a higher output to produce more energy per time or a reduction of energy losses by e.g. better insulation, an improved heat exchanger or the most optimized vapor injection possible (as little as possible, but as much as necessary). The burner capacity should be sufficient to allow the burner to be switched on 50 to 60 % of the baking time, so that the necessary flexibility is ensured to quickly realize temperature increases during baking. The automatic night start-up systems commonly used nowadays allow the baker to start the oven before starting work so that it is immediately ready for use. The heating time is therefore not relevant. Do you have any further questions? Get in touch

Have the baking characteristics of deck ovens changed as a result of technical developments in recent years?

The deck oven is the legitimate successor of the mother of all ovens, the wood-fired oven. Its baking characteristics have been applied to deck ovens with the advantage that energy can also be supplied during baking via indirect heating by means of a heat transfer medium (heating gas, thermal oil, steam). The heating process preceding baking in a wood-fired oven has been eliminated, and efficiency (capacity utilization) has been significantly increased. In the course of further developments of the deck oven, every effort was made to achieve baking properties as close as possible to those of the wood-fired oven. The MATADOR from WP was the first heating gas circulator (ZYKLOTHERM) and has become the synonym for excellent baking characteristics in bakeries over the past 70 years.

Reduction of operating costs, especially by maintenance and service?

The most effective way to reduce operating costs is to perform regular maintenance. Production downtimes, which always involve high costs, can be avoided as far as possible through predictive maintenance. Due to decades of experience, WP products are designed to enable maintenance and repairs to be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

How will a reduction in the availability of natural gas due to the Ukraine crisis affect the baking oven industry?

The actual baking process in the production of baked goods is very energy-consuming: baking 1 kg of dough requires energy of approx. 0.2 to 0.3 kWh/kg. If a primary energy source such as natural gas should then fail, this would of course have a major impact on the baking industry. Natural gas has become more widely used in bakeries in recent decades because it is more environmentally friendly and easier to handle compared to oil. What you can do:



    In case of outage or severe limitation of natural gas,
    there are several alternatives:

    • Conversion to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG, propane/butane): This requires the mixing unit on the burner to be replaced, the piping to be changed and the burner to be readjusted.
    • Conversion to liquefied natural gas (LNG): For this purpose, a liquid gas tank must be installed and connected to the burners.
    • Conversion to oil burner: WP ovens can be operated with both gas and oil burners. Thus, conversion to oil burners is also always possible, but the burner must be replaced and an oil tank and piping must be installed.
    • Conversion to electrical heating: WP offers electrical cartridge heaters that are geometrically adapted to the burners and can thus be inserted into the combustion chamber to replace a burner. Additionally, a suitably dimensioned cable must be installed. Since the required power is significant, it is essential to check whether the building connection is capable of providing this power. A factor of 3 should be calculated for energy costs compared to oil or gas.

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    Rack ovens and baking cabinets for perfect
    small baked goods off the baking trolley

    Designed to satisfy the demand of perfect and uniform baking results. Rack ovens from Werner & Pfleiderer are utilized wherever large quantities of small baked goods are baked economically efficient to meet highest demands. Simple operation, quick rack trolley changes, efficient baking and unmistakable results thanks to state-of-the-art technology for convection, vapor formation, and continuous operation.


    Rack oven ROTOTHERM Green

    baking area: 10.0 – 13.8 m²
    heated by: oil/gas/electric
    with rotating trolley

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    Rack oven ROTOTHERM Green drive through

    baking area: 10.0 – 13.8 m²
    heated by: oil/gas/electric
    with rotating trolley


    Double rack oven ROTOTHERM Green HEAVY DUTY

    baking area: 20.0 – 22.0 m²
    heated by: oil/gas/electric
    with rotating trolley

    WP UNITHERM – Rack oven for bakeries

    Rack oven UNITHERM

    baking area: 5.9 – 11.9 m²
    heated by: oil/gas/electric
    with stationary trolley


    Rack oven WINNER

    baking area: 12.6 – 16.8 m²
    heated by: oil/gas/electric
    with stationary trolley


    Making the good even better: Optimization of heat transfer in the WP ROTOTHERM Green rack oven

    The purpose of an oven is to transfer heat energy to the baked goods. This involves the use of three types of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection.

    Deck ovens utilize:

    • Heat radiation: the ceiling of the baking chamber is heated by a heat transfer medium and thus emits heat radiation to the baked goods
    • Heat conduction: the oven plate top is heated by a heat transfer medium and heat energy is transferred to the baked product through contact.

    In contrast, rack ovens (hot air ovens) utilize:

    • Convection: the baking chamber air is extracted, passed through a heat exchanger, heated and fed back into the baking chamber. The energy is transferred to the baked goods by circulating this hot air around them.

    The distinctive feature of convection in ROTOTHERM rack ovens

    The quality of heat transfer depends on the air speed. For example, if the air speed is doubled, the heat transfer is increased by about 1.4 times (root of 2). Consequently, the flow characteristics have been further optimized to further improve the baking properties of the WP ROTOTHERM Green rack oven with the aim to achieve an increased flow rate evenly distributed throughout the entire baking chamber.

    The airflow for the baking chamber is generated by the circulator with a fan wheel. Optimizing the geometry of the fan wheel has resulted in higher air speeds or increased airflow rates with less energy input. The development and manufacture of these special fan wheels are carried out exclusively in-house at WP.

    The following advantages result

    The significant improvement in airflow characteristics is accompanied by improved heat transfer:

    • baking times in the ROTOTHERM Green can be reduced by up to 10 % compared to older rack ovens, with all other parameters remaining unchanged.
    • The savings in baking time increase the productivity of the oven system by 10 %.
    • One or more ovens may not need to be started, which translates into a reduction in energy consumption.
    • The higher air delivery rate allows even easier and more sensitive adjustment of the flow in the baking chamber for perfect homogeneity even with difficult baked goods.

    The WP VARIOPILOT, tried and tested for many years, additionally enables an optimum setting of the air delivery rate to be programmed precisely to the recipe. It is evident that even with well-established and extremely proven products, such as the WP ROTOTHERM Green, rack oven further improvements can be generated. A great deal of work in detail then provides significant benefits for the baker.

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    Wood-fired ovens heated with renewable energy
    and also carbon-neutral

    Just like historical wood-fired ovens, our wood-fired ovens have an open flame that burns directly into the baking chamber, providing the baked goods with the typical wood-fired oven aroma.


    Wood-fired deck oven PELLADOR

    baking area: 4.8 – 21.6 m²
    heated by: pellets
    loading: automatable


    Minimization of emissions

    Our wood-fired WP PELLADOR ovens are equipped with state-of-the-art pellet burners. Fresh air is supplied via a blower, ensuring that emission levels are kept all below the limits of the exhaust emission standards.

    Installation of fine particle filters

    There is always the possibility of installing fine particle filters in the flue draft in the event of possible changes in legislation affecting fine particle emissions in particular.

    Automation for wood-fired ovens

    Due to the lining of the baking chambers with fireclay bricks, wood-fired systems have significantly higher ovens compared to normal deck ovens with heating gas circulation (Zyklotherm). Thus only systems with a maximum of three ovens can be operated manually since otherwise the loading heights are too high and an automatic loading system would have to be used. WP is offering the OBER® PRO for this purpose, which has become the benchmark for automation in bakeries over the past 30 years. In addition to the actual loading and unloading of baked goods, the wood-fired oven also offers the option of automatically removing the remaining ash from the ovens after the pellets have burned off prior to baking.

    Heat recovery options

    The exhaust gases produced by pellet combustion are first directed through the baking chamber by an advanced system to heat the fireclay bricks which store the energy required for baking. Subsequently, the exhaust gases are used to heat up the vapor system. This ensures the best possible utilization of the energy contained in the exhaust gases and results in low exhaust gas temperatures in the range of the baking temperatures or even lower, obviously always depending on the baked goods. On request, an exhaust gas heat exchanger can be integrated into the flue draft, e.g. to generate hot water utilizing residual heat of the exhaust gases.

    Improved insulation

    The basic principle of a wood-fired oven is always to store the energy necessary for baking in the baking chamber mass (lining with thick firebricks), since it is not possible to supply energy during baking. In order to use the energy stored for the baking process as completely as possible, all other energy losses, such as radiation losses, must be minimized. Therefore, our wood-fired ovens are insulated to the maximum, ranging from the thick-walled door to the side walls and back wall.


    WP BakeryControl
    The central software for your bakery

    Scheme of WP BakeryControl networking

    WP BakeryControl helps bakeries sustainably to increase efficiency and reduce costs: better control of the baking sequence in relation to capacity utilization, extended product shelf life, less scrap, and consistent quality thanks to stored recipes and automated machine control. Together with interested companies in the bakery trade, our specialist advisors examine the individual savings potential and possible steps to digitize production. Interested? Please contact us! Safe. Better. Digital.

    WP BakeryControl


    High-end baking ovens for bakeries

    We are WP Bakery Technologies and manufacturer of ovens for bakeries. We have been developing technical solutions for bakers for over 140 years. We design and build, install and service baking ovens as well as other machines and systems for bakeries, artisanal businesses, and industrial production facilities. Worldwide.


    Loading and unloading production ovens

    If the bakehouse can not longer keep up with demand, investments are often made in additional equipment. In many cases, however, optimizing the baking process can already help achieve higher productivity, keep investment costs low, and save space. Our machinery equipment includes baking in deck ovens, rack ovens, or tunnel ovens, and their automated loading.

    Loading systems


    Over 100 years of baking expertise

    We have the knowledge required to equip bakeries of any layout exactly so that they can work efficiently and economically successful. The personal strengths of each baker determine just how profitable and productive the business will actually be. What's important: The WP BAKERYGROUP is the only full-range provider worldwide. Not only the ovens are designed, manufactured and installed, but also the entire coordinated periphery. The label “Made in Germany” renders every MATADOR® a technically sophisticated and outstanding product in terms of quality. In short: we have supplied the base for bakers for more than one hundred years.

    Deck oven MATADOR



    The MATADOR® MD 101 in use at Strobel Bakery

    Strobel Bakery, located in Kleinblittersdorf, Saarland (Germany), uses a computer-controlled MATADOR MD 101 deck oven from Werner & Pfleiderer to bake almost its entire product portfolio. The Combitherm system with two heating circuits provides the necessary flexibility. The MATADOR® used at Strobel is equipped with two separate heating circuits. A much thicker floor separates the two top ovens from the three bottom ovens and can run at a temperature difference of up to 40 °C thanks to the Combitherm system.

    Article: Strobel Bakery (PDF)


    Craftsmanship quality for bread out of the wood-fired oven on an industrial scale – a pellets-fired oven system installation for coop

    To meet the ever-growing demand for rustic, heavily baked breads with a unique flavor, the Swiss cooperative coop has invested in the modernization and expansion of its own bakery locations, relying on the PELLADOR® wood-fired oven and the OBER PRO II loading system from WP Bakery Technologies.

    Article: Wood-fired oven system installation (PDF)


    From tin loaf to whole grain bead rolls: the ROTOTHERM® Green in use at Reisch Bakery

    High efficiency, shorter baking times, juicier products, a crispy crust, and fun to work with. These are the requirements of German Master Baker Champion 2015 Maximilian Reisch in this interview. And the first choice fell on the ROTOTHERM® Green.ine hohe Effizienz, kürzere Backzeiten, saftigere Produkte, eine knackige Kruste und Spaß bei der Arbeit. Das sind die Anforderungen des deutschen Backmeisters 2015 Maximilian Reisch, hier im Interview. Und die Wahl viel auf den ROTOTHERM® Green.

    The PELLADOR® wood-fired oven in use at Ladner’s Ochsen Beck Bakery: bread out of the wood-fired oven at its best

    The PELLADOR® uses CO2-neutral wood pellets as energy source. It features an integrated vapor generator and impresses with its favorable energy balance. Its taste-developing qualities enable the resource-saving and environmentally friendly production of bakery items with a natural, scrumptious flavor.


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