Multi-deck oven

Baking without compromise
Multi-deck oven for bakeries – MATADOR
  • Guaranteed uniform baking results
  • Crisp crusts
  • Batch-on-batch baking
  • Convertible with electric heating cartridge

A true multitalent – your perfect equipment for decades

Each MATADOR® meets this clearly defined requirement: Extremely uniform baking results repeatable at any time – and of course over a period of many decades. Eventually there is no doubt about what this deck oven actually is – a TRUE MULTITALENT in every sense of the word.

Evenly baked breads in deck oven MATADOR

Proven quality

Due to the extremely long utilization period, the investment in a new MATADOR® is similar to an intergenerational contract from grandfather to grandson

Schematic illustration of circulating air in MATADOR deck oven with ZYKLOTHERM heating system

Energy-saving heating system ZYKLOTHERM®

Uniform baking process, perfect browning, crisp crusts and full flavor development

Simple operating control system WP NAVIGO 3

Get a compact grip on all the features with the innovative control system. It offers maximum ergonomics, assistance and economic operation.

Display with software WP NAVIGO 3
Schematic illustration of the recirculation principle

Batch-on-batch baking

A relative humidity of 75 % is achieved in less than one minute. Ideal for excellent shine, juicy crump and crunchy crust.

Reduction of surface losses by WP ENERGY BLOCK

Its 30cm strong high-tech thermal layer ensures reduced surface loss by almost 11 %

Schematic illustration of the thermal layer insulation
Scheme of WP BakeryControl networking

WP BakeryControl - The central software for your bakery

The quality of the product benefits from WP BakeryControl: better control of the baking sequence in relation to capacity utilization, extended product shelf life, less scrap, and consistent quality thanks to stored recipes and automated machine control.

WP BakeryControl


Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

WP BAKERYGROUP is a full-range provider and therefore also supplies the entire periphery around the deck oven. An unbeatable pro. But in addition to that, which specific product benefits make the MATADOR® the first choice and contribute to a reduced energy consumption of up to 30% compared to similar ovens?

  1.  Well-proven MATADOR® quality:
    • Classic deck oven in stainless steel design
    • Perfectly accessible baking area
    • Unique ZYKLOTHERM® heating system for perfect heat transfer
    • Outstanding, exemplary temperature flexibility
    • Excellent vapor guide with rich steam
    • High-quality special baking stones as standard
    • Highly effective 30 cm strong high-tech insulation
    • Ergonomic control via extra large display
    • Direct and also time-delayed integration of semi and fully auto-matic loading systems
    • Focus on only one control panel
    • Particularly large screen
    • Fully automatic vapor injection
    • Each deck oven with its own vapor button
    • Display with glass touch surface
    • WP ASSISTANT: Easy-to-understand video clips to assist the personnel in front of the oven with cleaning and maintenance
    • Simple, logical programming
    • Up to 250 recipes can be saved
    • Stores every baking process without any gaps
    • Identical operating system for all oven models
    • WP ISOTHERMIC BAKING: The automatic quantity control of baking.

Baking area:

8.0 – 19.0 m²


Oil / Gas / Electronic
All oil and gas-fired ovens in the MATADOR series and MATADOR MDV series can be retrofitted with a heating cartridge and with an electric heating cartridge
be heated with electricity.

Oven Dimensions

Depth: max. 2,000 mm
Width: max. 1,800 mm

Number of ovens

4 to 6 ovens

Number of draw-plate deck

2 or 3

Loading per oven

24 to 45 loaves
(1 kg bread unmoulded)

Total load

96 to 225 loaves
(1 kg bread unmoulded)

Electrical connection for fan and control system

4 to 6.3 kVA

Heating capacity

 64 to 122 kW

(further technical information to be
found in datasheet and brochure)

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  • Electromechnical control
    - Only one control panel per deck oven
    - Automatic steam slide valve
  • WP BakeryControl
  • Pull-out ovens
  • Combitherm - two differend temperature groups
  • Folding table
  • Stainless steel side wall and rear wall coating
  • Glass doors
  • Special baking stones: versions MATADOR® MD and MATADOR® MDV
  • Steal baking surfaces



Data sheet








For diverse bakery products

MATADOR®. For us as manufacturer it is of course the product name. But it is also a concept of quality. Bakers all over the world agree. They mention MATADOR® and QUALITY in the same breath. The results of baking with MATADOR® are guaranteed uniform baking products with crisp crusts and full flavor development.

Slit rolls

Kaiser rolls

Artisan square rolls

Adria Brot

Baguette Divina






Grosser Kassler


Weißbrot rund


The unique ZYKLOTHERM® heating system allows full flavor development


Fully automatic loading and automation systems OBER PRO II and MATADOR®


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