Dough divider and round-molding machine

For small artisan businesses or as a backup machine
  • Compact, flexible and high-performance
  • Gentle on the dough, high weight accuracy and perfect round-molding result
  • Extended weight range

The MULTIMATIC PRO’s baby brother

The new and small 1- or 2-row MULTIMATIC PICO dough divider and round-molding machine for small artisan businesses expands our Multimatic series downwards. Small-scale and medium-scale businesses also tend to use this machine as an auxiliary unit. It features a wide weight range and a small capacity range. MULTIMATIC PICO comes on rollers and equipped with the same dough dividing and molding principle as its big brother, the MULTIMATIC PRO.



  • Foldable plastic dough hopper in hygienic blue: 25 kg
  • Dough infeed height: 1,700 mm incl. safety cover
  • Hydraulic pressure manually adjustable from outside, controlled by pressure gauge (60 to 120 bar) // (max. 140 bar with firm dough)
  • Manual weight adjustment
  • Frequency-controlled molding drive
  • Standard measuring piston: dia. 57 mm
  • Manual piston locking of each individual piston
  • Grooved molding drum with cups in hygienic blue
  • Molding belt as fabric belt in white
  • Discharge shaft in plastic, plain-colored
  • Conveying piston can be removed without tools
  • Dough output height (output directly dependent on dough infeed height): 760 mm
  • Manual operation

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

    • Simple dough divider and round moulder for high requirements and low outputs
    • High dough protection due to advanced dividing system
    • High weight accuracy
    • Best round kneading results for best quality craftsmanship
    • Extended weightrange: Dividing range from 24 g to 350 g
    • Diverse product range: Processing of all conventional bread roll dough with a dough yield from 148 to 160 (others on request)
    • High performance for craft and semi-industry: up to 1,440 dough pieces per row/hour depending on machine configuration, type and end product
    • Freely accessible because all side panels can be opened
    • All dough-handling parts can be removed for cleaning without tools
    • All dough-handling machine parts are consistently separated from the drive mechanism
    • All dough-handling belts and plastic components also available in hygienic blue
    • Swivel-mounted, removable flour duster
    • Easy cleaning thanks to smooth surfaces
    • Mobile
    • Wide belt foldable

Performance per hour:

max. 1,400 pcs/h/row

Weight range:

24 – 350 g

Number of rows:

1 till 2

Measuring pistons:

dia. 57 mm (standard): 60 g to 165 g
dia. 35 mm: 24 g to 60 g

121 x 55 mm: 165 g to 350 g

Dimensions without spreading belt (LxWxH):

950 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,700 mm

Field of application:

Replacement for plate sanding machine, second machine, large hotels, catering, businesses with limited space.

Definition of weight ranges:

Basic dough recipe:
Below weight ranges refer to wheat dough for small bakery items made from wheat flour type 550, dough yield 155 and 15 minutes bulk fermentation with the following ingredients, calculated on flour basis: yeast 1.5 to 3.0 %, baking agent 1.0 to 3.0 %, salt 1.8 to 2.0 %, fat 0.0 to 2.0 %, rye and grain content < 10 %. (deviations from the standard dough can influence the unit weights)

Continuous processing of doughs with a yield < 156 and a temperature below 22 °C may cause process problems (weight variances). The machine must be started immediately after filling the hopper.

(further technical information to be found in datasheet and brochure)

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  • Spreading belt (standard: wide belt): 900 mm (only 2-row operation), 1,250 mm (only 2-row operation), 1,250 mm (only 2-row operation)
  • Hygienic design version: Molding belt in plastic design in hygienic blue
  • Molding drum (standard: grooved and with cups): Grooved molding drum without cups in hygienic blue (recommended for pretzel and Berliner dough)
  • Discharge shaft (standard: plastic): Ceramic-coated discharge shaft



Data sheet


Mixed wheat doughs

Wheat doughs

Grain doughs

Sweet yeast dough

Dough with additions

55: wpl (neutraler Header)

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