Automatic tray loading robot

Takes over the handling of boards
or trays in front of baking systems
for small bakery items
Automatic tray loading robot at a bread roll baking system
  • Change of baking trolley without system stop within 15 seconds
  • 99 baking trolley types programmable and retrievable
  • Takes over heavy, monotonous work

Automatic tray loading robot for loading and unloading of trays at roll baking systems

The Robomatic transports borderless trays, trays with two borders, trays with three borders or proofing boards with dimensions of 580 x 780 mm and 580 x 980 mm. Whether green operation, pre-proofing cabinet or post-proofing cabinet - the standard setting position can be adjusted. In movable version (optional) all 3 stations are operable.

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The Robomatic simplifies operational processes. Thanks to its compact design, it has a small space requirement. The robot takes over heavy, monotonous work and its mode of operation is jerk- and vibration-free. Its benefits create the advantage of a rapid return on investment.

  1. Special equipment:
    • Unloading of baking trolley after baking
    • Loading and unloading of conveying systems
    • Baking trolley changer (auxiliary device) for continuous production
    • Compressor
  2. Robomatic conveys:
    • Borderless trays
    • Trays with two borders
    • Trays with three borders
    • Proofing boards with the dimensions 580 x 780 mm and 580 x 980 mm
  3. Simple control system:
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Simple operation
    • 99 baking trolley types programmable and retrievable

Hourly output

180 trays / h

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2,850 x 1,050 x 2,900 mm


450 kg gross / 350 kg net

Required ceiling height (min.)

2,950 mm

Electr. connected load rating

3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption

1.7 kVA

Compressed air connection in "


Compressed air requirements

approx. 5Nm3/hour at 6 to 10 bar

(further technical information to be
found in datasheet and brochure)


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  • Attachment to system side right or left
  • Baking trolley entry right or left
  • Further board/tray sizes on request
  • Moveable version
  • Attachment to third-party systems

Data sheet




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