Baking system for small bakery items

The form baking system for small bakery items
in perfect craftsmanship quality
Sliced bread line FORMPROFI
  • Gentle on the dough and accurate dividing
  • Flexible and space-saving
  • Variety of bakery items

A tailored form baking system
for all your needs

The FORMPROFI is the optimum baking system for small bakery items, such as smooth round, stamped or now also Wachau rolls in an infinite variety. Moreover, the FORMPROFI is equipped with lateral discharge. After intermediate proofing, dough pieces can be delivered for further processing into pretzels, bread sticks, or other bakery items. Direct depositing is another new feature. The flat and round dough pieces can be deposited directly without intermediate proofing.

Wachau station with dough

Wachau roll station

Wachau rolls turn out just as nice as if they have been made by hand. Flour is worked into the roll closing during second moulding. This creates the rough surface typical of this rustic roll.


Integrated drum moulder Multimatic C

Integrated MULTIMATIC C drum round moulder

Direct depositing through bypassing the intermediate proofing cabinet

Dough on belts
Belt for side discharge on FORMPROFI baking system for small bakery items

Lateral discharge for pretzels, bread sticks, and much more

Product diversity thanks to revolver stamping head

Side view of turret punching head
Compact design - Schematic illustration of the WP FORMPROFI


With a length of 2.6 m and a height of 2.55 m, the FORMPROFI is extremely compact and fits even into the smallest bakehouse. The FORMPROFI offers various options for configuring your system exactly to your needs, so that you can make optimum use of the space in your bakehouse:

  • System on feet
  • System movable sideways
  • System movable with caster rollers
  • Increased system height by 50 or 100 mm
  • Collision protection
  • Discharge belt on the side
    – in different lengths
    – placed on the front or on the side
    – double version

Split version delivery is possible as an option

The FORMPROFI is just as compact when it comes to bringing it into your bakehouse. The system can also be delivered split in two parts, each with a width of only 1.18 m and a height of 2 m, to fit through almost any door.


Performance, maximum benefit, and modular options

A gentle dough dividing and moulding process has a decisive effect on the quality of your end products. For this reason, the MULTIMATIC C head machine, which is both gentle on the dough and flexible, has been integrated into the compact FORMPROFI form baking system. Tailored to your needs.

  1. Perfect craftsmanship quality:
    • Gentle on the dough and accurate dividing
    • Moulded bakery items, remoulded as well as round and smooth small bakery items
    • Direct depositing (bypass of intermediate proofing)
  2. Product diversity:
    • Stamped small bakery items
    • Round and smooth small bakery items
    • Double roll depositing
    • Lateral discharge for pretzels and bread sticks
    • NEW: Wachau rolls
    • NEW: Small bakery items without intermediate proofing, such as Berliners
  3. Fully automatic SIEMENS S 7 control:
    • Large touch screen display
    • Easy and safe operation
    • Reproducible quality and high level of production reliability
    • Freely programmable depositing unit
    • Max. 100 product programs can be stored
    • Networking, efficient remote diagnostics, and remote maintenance possible
    • Data backup to flash card or USB flash drive
    • Master control (password protected)
  4. Integrated MULTIMATIC C drum round moulder:
    • 5-row version
    • Large weight range thanks to double piston system
    • Accurate weights
    • Maximum gentleness on the dough thanks to gentle drum moulding system
    • Adjustable moulding belt
    • Variable moulding intensity

Hourly output (5-row)

(variable depending on the proofing time)
Stamped products: 4,000 pieces/hour
Wachau rolls: 3,600 pieces/hour

Dimensions (L x W x H)

(cladding parts may protrude beyond
the basic dimensions by 100 mm)
2,600 x 1,125 x 2,550 mm

Minimum ceiling height

2,600 mm

Required insertion opening (W x H)

Insertion of non-split version: 1,180 x 2,000 mm
Insertion of split version: 1,180 x 2,300 mm

Variable pre-proofing time

12 min.

Weight range

Stamped products: 40 g to 65/75 g
(depending on the stamping cup unit used)
NEW: Wachau rolls 70 g
Round and flat, via proofing cabinet: 25 g to 90 g
Products via lateral discharge: 25 g to 90 g
Direct depositing: 25 g to 75 g

Proofing board dimensions

400 x 600 mm
580 x 780 mm
580 x 980 mm

Pull-off length

max. 1,000 mm

Connected load ratings:

Electrical – without air conditioning: 4.5 kW
Electrical – with air conditioning: 7.5 kW
Cold water connection: 1/2“
Water drain: ID 40
Compressed air: 1/2“, 6 to 8 bar, min. 2 normal m³/h – condensate-free


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  • EXCHANGE RAIL AND STAMPING TOOLS: Variety of standard stamping patterns or individual special stamping patterns possible
  • FINAL PROOFING CABINETS: Final proofing cabinets with different final proofing times
  • DEPOSITING UNIT: Closing position change and proofing board pusher
  • FURTHER CHAMBER DRUMS: For extended weight ranges
  • TRANSPORTABILITY: System can be moved sideways or on caster rollers
  • VARIOUS FOOT HEIGHTS: Ergonomics, adaptation to already existing systems
  • COLLISION PROTECTION: On the operator side, opposite side, and front side
  • HYGIENE: High-performance UV degermination, hygienic blue version (dividers and belts in blue)
  • LATERAL DISCHARGE: Left of operator side, rear of front side, double version





Perfect craftsmanship quality with compact form baking system

Kaiser rolls

Wachauer rolls

Roundmoulded rolls

Stamped rolls

Dinner roll

Button roll

Kringel roll

Kärntner roll

Double roll

Ball donuts


Product diversity

Production of double rolls

Product diversity

Berliner production in green mode

Product diversity

Production of Kaiser rolls

Product diversity

Lateral discharge for pretzels and bread sticks

Product diversity

Wachau moulding module for moulded products

Overall presentation

FORMPROFI form baking system with MULTIMATIC C drum round moulder

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