Industrial Pizza Production

WP BAKERYGROUP has always stood for high-quality technology and process competence. The project organization WP PIZZA was developed true to the motto think process:


  • Flexible proofing time
  • Fully automated
  • Flexible output
  • Gentle dough dividing
  • Product diversity
  • Maximum dividing precision
  • Flexible diameters
  • Flexible weights and outputs
  • Optional: stone tunnel oven

Industrial line for real Italian premium pizza

We designed an entire line for the production of pizza in the classic Italian tradition. In the production process we thus achieve maximum quality with extended dough resting times, in particular for dough piece proofing. Gentle handling of the dough during dividing and round-moulding as well as the careful shaping of the pizza crusts contribute to the premium taste of the pizzas, just as the optional baking on stone.

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