Multi-deck oven

Electrically heated production oven
  • Best baking quality
  • Special stone baking plates for stone oven bread
  • Optimum oven capacity utilization, even when baking in small batches

This is unique.
Full steam ahead!

75 % relative humidity in one minute. Rich steam for real batch-on-batch baking.This is achieved by the powerful pipe vapor system of the MATADOR® MDE. The vapor draft ensures fast vapor removal from the baking chamber – for perfect crispness of even vapor-sensitive pastry.


  • Special baking plates
  • Vapor extraction hood with fan
  • Stainless steel doors
  • Priority circuit (oven before vapor)
  • Separate vapor device per oven
  • Two vapor relief flaps, accessible from the front
  • Individually replaceable heating elements
  • Prepared for external load breaking (oven and vapor device seperatly)

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The MATADOR® MDE also fits into rooms with low ceiling height since it does not require piping for flue connection. Thanks to its moveable frame it is independent of its installation site and it can be installed on 3 sides. Move it around comfortably for maintenance work and its outer body will move along. This is quite handy!

  1. Baking quality:
    • Special stone baking plates for stone oven bread
    • Proven MATADOR® baking quality
    • No crust burning
  2. Options in WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROL - Control:
    • WP INTELLIGENT ENERGY CONTROL – Minimizing the energy loss during baking breaks through: stand-by function with controlled temperature reduction
    • WP BakeryControl – Remote diagnosis via the Internet, Monitor operation via the Internet, Network connection of individual ovens, Master Slave
  3. Plus factors:
    • Every oven can be controlled and switched off seperately
    • Top and bottom heat can be controlled seperately
    • Separate vapor device for each oven
    • Loader-friendly

Baking area

4.0 – 18.0 m²

Oven height

2,180 mm

Number of ovens

4 or 5 ovens

Electrical connection

46.5 to 89 kVA

Vapor heater

 13.2 to 24 kW

(further technical information are to be
found in datasheet and brochure)


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  • Pull-out ovens
  • Stainless steel side wall and rear wall coating
  • Glass doors



Data sheet






Bread baking in premium quality

Best baking quality from the MATADOR® deck oven finally also in the retail area or in any building without flue connection. MATADOR® MDE makes it possible! Thank to its high baking chambers it can also be used for baking bread – of premium quality, of course.

Soft wheat dough breads


Slit rolls

Mixed breads

Grain breads

Ciabatta breads



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