Double rack oven

Energy-efficient baking without compromise
  • For 2 rack trolleys 580 x 780 mm/600 x 800 mm
  • For rack trolleys of up to 1,560 mm
  • Rotating table load of up to 750 kg

The heavy-duty worker among the ROTOTHERM® Green series

The ROTOTHERM® Green HEAVY DUTY is the perfect solution when it comes to baking large quantities of a product in the rack oven, when the rotating table load is very highdue to the product to be baked (e.g. sandwich bread,tin assemblies), or when rack trolleys of larger model sizes are used.


  • WP ISOTHERMIC BAKING, the partial load automatic
  • WP INTELLIGENT ENERGY CONTROL (IEC), the energy-saving automatic
Low energy consumption - WP rack oven ROTOTHERM GREEN

Excellent baking performance, low consumption

Excellent baking results with a certified reduction in energy consumption by 28.7 % compared to the RE 1020 predecessor model from 2012.

Optimized airflow - WP ROTOTHERM GREEN rack oven

Optimized air flow for best-quality bakery items

The air is accurately directed onto the product over the entire jet wall. This means: absolute uniformity, best heat and vapor distribution, juiciest bakery items, reduced baking time.

Excellent vapor for highest demands

Rich vapor guarantees more volume and the juiciest bakery items.

Bread rolls with crisp crusts in the WP ROTOTHERM GREEN rack oven
Oven control system - WP ROTOTHERM GREEN rack oven


Easy and intuitive to operate. Guarantees consistent high-quality baking results.


The quality turbocharger for batch-on-batch baking.

Batch on batch baking - WP rack oven ROTOTHERM GREEN
Correct amount of recirculated air – WP ROTOTHERM GREEN rack oven


For every bakery item the correct amount of recirculated air

  • more air for powerful baking with more crispness, better crust break, and increased volume
  • less air for gentle baking for juicier bakery items, and shiny surface
Core temperature measurement – WP ROTOTHERM GREEN rack oven


Process reliability, best baking results, reduced baking time and lower energy consumption thanks to core temperature measurement.

Scheme of WP BakeryControl networking

WP BakeryControl - The central software for your bakery

The quality of the product benefits from WP BakeryControl: better control of the baking sequence in relation to capacity utilization, extended product shelf life, less scrap, and consistent quality thanks to stored recipes and automated machine control.

WP BakeryControl


Performance, maximum benefit and modular options

The ROTOTHERM® Green HEAVY DUTY is the heavy-duty worker of the Rototherm Green series with all proven features and options. Profitable oven technology for best quality baking results with maximum energy efficiency. The best features of the ROTOTHERM® Green are your guarantee of highly energy-efficient baking without compromise also in the HEAVY DUTY version.

  1. Baking quality:
    • Crisp, tender flaky crust, juicy crumb thanks to optimum application of energy
    • Absolute uniformity and reproducible baking quality thanks to optimized air flow
    • Juiciest bakery items and extra volume thanks to rich vapor
    • Best baking quality also for demanding bakery items
  2. Performance:
    • Certified reduction in energy consumption by 28.7 % compared to the RE 1020 predecessor model
    • Excellent vapor for highest demands
    • Genuine batch-on-batch baking
    • Finely adjustable recirculated air volume perfectly adapted to the requirements of the respective end product
    • Guaranteed process reliability
  3. Easy opertion:
    • WP NAVIGO 3 - easy and intuitive to operate
    • Networking via WP BakeryControl
    • Automatic baking also of partially loaded rack trolleys with WP ISOTHERMIC BAKING
    • Core temperature measurement with WP COREPROBE

Baking area:

20.0 – 22.0 m²


Oil / Gas / Electric


ROTOTHERM® Green 1,020 for 600 x 800 mm sheets
ROTOTHERM® Green 1,280 for 600 x 1,000 mm sheets

(further technical information to be found
in datasheet and brochure)

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  • WP Variopilot
  • WP Thermogate
  • WP Intelligent Energy Control (IEC)
  • WP BakeryControl
  • WP CoreProbe
  • Oil or gas blower-type burner or electrically heated
  • Rotating table reinforcement to 450 kg
  • Rotating table drive with soft start



Data sheet








The most diverse product range in best baking quality

The unique properties of the ROTOTHERM® Green guarantee best baking results. A large variety from your range of bakery items can be produced, for example:

Slit rolls

Square rolls

Raisin rolls

Artisan stamped rolls

Longmoulded rolls



Tin loafs


ROTOTHERM® Green rack oven

Baking with energy saving factor

ROTOTHERM® Green rack oven

Application in practice at RAISCH bakery


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