Wood-fired deck oven

Directly wood-fired deck oven in a class of its own
  • Best baking results in proven MATADOR quality
  • Manual, semi-automated and full-automated loading
  • Sustainable, economical and energy-efficient through the use of CO²-neutral wood pellets

What used to be completely normal in the past, is a unique selling point today: breads from the wood-fired deck oven

Just like in historic wood-fired ovens, the PELLADOR® is directly fired with wood pellets and its open flame burns directly in the baking chamber, giving the baked goods the typical wood oven flavor.

Baker with wood oven breads

Fully flavored bread from the wood-fired deck oven

Optimum volume, tender flaky crust, juiciest crumb and long-lasting freshness

Pellet burner burns natural wood pellets

Firing with
wood pellets

The PELLADOR® is a directly
wood-fired deck oven. A pellet burner burns natural wood pellets (DIN 51731) in a combustion chamber.

Intermediate buffer
for pellets at the oven

Intermediate buffer for pellets
Real wood flame

Real wood flame burning directly in the baking chamber

The gases produced in the combustion chamber are conducted into the baking chamber, where they burn with an open flame.

baking results

Thanks to the WP NAVIGO control system.

Display of the oven control WP NAVIGO
Scheme of WP BakeryControl networking

WP BakeryControl - The central software for your bakery

The quality of the product benefits from WP BakeryControl: better control of the baking sequence in relation to capacity utilization, extended product shelf life, less scrap, and consistent quality thanks to stored recipes and automated machine control.

WP BakeryControl


Advantages and output

The PELLADOR® uses CO²-neutral wood pellets as energy source. It features an integrated vapor generator and impresses with its favorable energy balance. Its taste-developing qualities enable the resource-saving and environmentally friendly production of bakery items with a natural, scrumptious flavor. The PELLADOR® can be operated manually or in combination with the WP loading systems.

  1. Advantage on the market:
    • Use of wood as a renewable energy source
    • Flavorful bread baked in wood-fired ovens is the trend and allows for greater added value in the market
    • Best baking results in proven MATADOR quality
      Optimum volume, tender flaky crust, juiciest crumb and long-lasting freshness
    • New products and environmental awareness attract new customers into the store
    • Flavorful bread from wood-fired oven
    • No bitters from the soot in the bread or pastries
    • Reproducible, best-quality baking results thanks to WP NAVIGO control system
  2. Technical advantages:
    • Smaller footprint compared to ovens set in brick
    • Short installation times on site
    • Manual loading or in combination with WP loading systems
    • Short intervals between loadings
    • Low energy consumption
    • Vaporizer for every oven
    • Compliance to all energy emission levels

Number of ovens:

2, 3 or 5 ovens/decks per oven

Oven width:

1.2 to 1.8 m

Oven depth:

2.0 to 2.4 m

Baking area:

4.8 to 21.6 m²

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Breads from the wood-fired oven

Their taste is incomparable, many customers are delighted.

Swabian spelt Seelen

Finn breads

Gassenhauer mixed rye breads

Large Roggenriese rye breads

Large Weizenriese wheat breads

Sunflower seed breads

Gnadenberg breads

Mixed grain breads

Breads from the PELLADOR wood-fired oven – a look inside the baking oven


Practical experiences with
the PELLADOR wood-fired oven

Interview with Ladner’s Ochsen Beck bakery


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