Dough dividing and round-moulding machine

The dough dividing machine with remoulding module for the highest demands in industrial round-moulding of bread roll dough
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  • Accurate dividing and gentle on the dough
  • The double moulding path preserves the dough structure even in well-risen dough
  • Optional flouring or oiling between the two moulding procedures

The perfect shape for each dough piece

Preserving the dough structures during processing, perfect results when round-moulding and the option to process particularly soft dough in large quantities make the TEWIMAT the ideal dough dividing and round moulding machine for the industrial production or artisan-like baked goods.

Waage zeigt Gewicht des Teiglings: 600g

High weight range

In combination of TEWIMAT BIG BALL and the TEWIMAT SOFT, it is possible to process soft, sticky dough up to a weight of 600 g.

Teiglinge in mehreren Reihen

Flexible number of lanes

Functional reliability

Exemplary profitability and high quality level

Abbildung der Maschine TEWIMAT in der Produktionsumgebung
Sechs unterschiedliche belegte Pizzastücke in Pizzaform angeordnet

Processing of soft dough

Optimal production solutions for the industrial production of any type of pizza

Reduced production costs thanks to oil-free dividing process

Bestäubung des Teiglings mit Mehl im Teigteiler TEWIMAT

Performance, maximum benefit, and modular options

Thanks to its suction divider technology and variable pressure adjustment, the TEWIMAT ensures gentle dough dividing. The innovative double piston system allows a wide product variety.

  1. Product diversity:
    • Processing of wheat dough
    • Processing of mixed rye dough
    • Processing of Berliner dough
    • Processing of fruit dough
    • Processing of Graham dough
  2. Quality:
    • Suction divider technology and variable pressure adjustment ensure gentle dough dividing
    • Product diversity thanks to innovative double piston system
  3. Cleaning:
    • Oil-free dividing process
    • All dough-handling parts can be removed largely without tools
    • All dough-handling parts are consistently separated from the drive mechanism
    • Stainless steel paneling
  4. Flexibility:
    • flexible number of lanes
    • flexible weight setting
    • flexible weight range
    • flexible capacity adjustment

Weight range:

from 28 g to 600 g
(depending on machine configuration)

Hourly capacity:

max. 2,000 pieces/lane
(depending on dough and weight)


(further technical information to be
found in datasheet and brochure)

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    The TW PLUS is an external second moulding station installed downstream. The dough is thus handled particularly gently. The double moulding path preserves the dough structure even in well-risen dough. Optional flouring and oiling between the two moulding procedures increase the flexibility considerably.
  • TEWIMAT BIG BALL/TEWIMAT SOFT functional module
    In combination of TEWIMAT BIG BALL and the TEWIMAT SOFT functional modules, the processing of soft, sticky dough with a yield of up to 170 (depending on the quality of the flour used) is also possible up to a weight of 450 g.
  • CleanTec spreading belt
  • Divided cleaning brush
  • Removable belt driving roller

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Dividing and round-moulding of soft, sticky or conventional dough

Mixed rye doughs

Rye doughs

Mixed wheat doughs

Wheat doughs

Perfectly round-moulded dough pieces


Industrial dough dividing and moulding competence

TEWIMAT SOFT for soft dough and TEWIMAT BIG BALL for large weights

Winner of the iba Award 2015

For the mechanical processing of particularly soft dough


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