Your store, your colors

Stand out from the crowd and achieve a distinctive look with the enameled surfaces of the MATADOR STORE series.

think process!

Versatile, highly automated, economical, turnkey... Perfect processes combine many advantages.


Industrial line for real Italian premium pizza. Flexible diameters are possible. From 2.000 pieces per hour.

Industrial vacuum cooling

Fully automated baking and cooling process guarantee efficient baking, long-lasting freshness and crispness.

Perfect baking & cooking

TORERO STORE+ can be optionally finished as a Colour Edition with a powder-coated surface

Volcanic stone baking

Baking on natural volcanic stone: soft dough development in the oven, larger product volume, open pore structure and a stable crust –

WP Bakery Technologies

Within the WP BAKERY GROUP, WP Bakery Technologies is responsible for the product areas "Ovens", "Artisan Roll Baking Systems" and "Dough Dividers and Moulding Machines".

About us

WP baking center south

Equipped with the latest WP technology, our baking center provides the perfect setting for interesting events, training courses and innovation seminars.

WP baking center south